Avatar Machine Control (AMC) project for Vyncke.

Vyncke is a dynamic, high-tech company and global player in the sector of clean energy technology : the development and the construction of customized biomass energy installations. Pioneering innovation in both hardware constructions and software applications, Vyncke contacted Howest and 3D Square in a joint-venture of prototyping the next generation of high usability solutions within the biomass energy industry.

The AMC project revolved around replacing the current node-based flowchart interface, that could span 10×5 screens, with an interactive 3D interface based out of the Unity engine that would not only save space, but be more intuitive as well. Aside the obvious advantages of usability, it would also be a safer way of interacting with the biomass power plant functions, introducing a virtual mid-layer interaction buffer with the active incinerators.

Technical artist – UI designer

  • Researching and documenting interactive UI applications.
  • Assessing the application of the AMC project in regards to resources and time.
  • Proof of concept; Prototyping and scripting interactive UI for smart devices.
  • Researching viable conversion systems for AutoCAD assets to generate usable geometry for engine use; minimizing geometry cleanup and retopology.

3D Square was consulted to make a projection of the AMC application in regards to future implementation.

While consulting with their in-house development team, the need for an in-between mobile application was determined that would run on current generation smart devices as a mid-term solution for the entire overhaul.

Researching and documenting 2.5D user interfaces in current media and pop culture, we eventually prototyped a proof of concept UI template using flash and AS 3.0 to demonstrate current interactive capabilities as reference for their internal team, to help them move on to the next phase of development.

Vyncke – Multiple skin preview for UI prototype; proof of concept presented in .swf format to the client.

WebThumb Vyncke

Assisting in the long term implementation of the game engine control interface, 3D Square also derived workable game engine models for use with the AMC prototype based on the current CAD schematics of the installations.

Vyncke – Comparing geometry derived from procedural conversion and manual retopology; assessing usability.


Last updated: 28/02/2014


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