3D cartoon mascot creation for e-commerce portal called Earnieland.

Commissioned by Digital Mind.

Concept provided by Deodatusdesign.

Technical Artist – Rigging/Texturing

  • Optimizing topology; unwrapping UVs.
  • Texturing model; tweaking shader.
  • Rigging and skinning mesh.
  • Posing and rendering.
  • Final composite in Photoshop.

Autodesk 3DsMax – Roadkill UV – Adobe Photoshop


Much like logo design, creating 3D mascots relies heavily on readability and scalability, we therefore focused mainly on solid colours, simple lighting and soft shadows.


Unclear of the final resolution that it would be used in, we tried not to introduce too much fine details as these will only cause noise when scaled down, causing the image to become unreadable.



Last updated: 10/02/2014


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