Dreadnought is a F2P team-based arena shooter that puts you in command of massive capital ships engaging in tactical, class-based warfare. Developed by Yager (Spec Ops: The Line – 2012), co-developed by Six Foot and published by Grey Box.

Overseeing game performance on the entire world building process by solving implementation issues and providing support and education to the content team on “Dreadnought” for PC/PS4.

Senior Technical Artist

  • Profiling and optimizing game performance by identifying bottlenecks and creating solutions.
  • Establishing and iterating with both art and design team on the world building pipeline.
  • Extending engine functionality for improving workflows and ease-of-use.
  • Managing branch merging and integrations in Perforce.
  • Writing technical design documentation for tools department.
  • Extending and iterating on our existing automation test framework for profiling our world content.
  • Creating data visualization and monitoring of profiles on statistical dashboards.
  • Setting up matinee sequences for capturing promotional footage in UE4.
  • Establishing budgets for content creation on maps and assets rollout.
  • Integrating Simplygon middleware into UE4 for improving our LoD solution, establishing best workflows for our artists.
  • Creating Animation Blueprint logic for triggering animations on weapons/abilities/movement.

Official trailer – Dreadnought.

Last updated: 05/03/2018

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